We want to know and experience God, engage the campus, and develop leaders who will change the world.


We are question-askers, truth-seekers, and winsome communicators of the hope we have in Jesus.

Through vibrant peer-led and staff-led Bible studies, one-on-one discipleship, and teaching and discussion at our weekly Large Group,

BCF's vision is to see Brown students encounter and respond to the Gospel, becoming equipped for a lifetime of Christian leadership and redemptive influence in every field.

We are a ministry of InterVarsity. We are a Christ-seeking community, which means you can expect to be welcomed to explore the historic, orthodox Christian faith, and how it intersects with ethnic identity, justice, vocation, and all those important things. But most of all, we want to set the table for all students to sit down, be spiritually fed with us, and explore and respond to the Christian story--whether you are Protestant or Catholic, identify with another faith, or identify with no faith.