Welcome to dinner.

One of Brown Christian Fellowship's values as a community is "setting the table" for our friends who hold different worldviews and spiritual perspectives. We see BCF as one big dinner party--we are setting places for anyone and everyone, inviting our friends, preparing food considerately and generously, and finally sinking our teeth into something delicious--together. This is something Jesus did quite literally with people from all walks of life, so we think it's a good idea!

In our case, that "something delicious" is the story of the gospel. We host exploratory one-on-one and small-group Bible studies specifically for those that don't identify as Christian. We typically meet once a week for an hour to an hour and a half over coffee and dig into a short passage from the Bible together, asking questions, uncovering assumptions, and growing in awareness of who we are and who God claims to be.

We also host community events where we seek to live out the way of Jesus to one another: love, justice, generosity, authenticity, and mercy are just a few of the things Jesus did well. At our weekly talk/discussion series during our Large Group gatherings, we engage the topics that, in the Christian worldview, God deeply cares about (and so do Brown and RISD!): redemptive culture and ethnicity, racial justice, care for the poor, and finding purpose are just a few.

Lastly, we run ServeUp, an annual justice project in New Orleans. Click here to learn more.

And click here to learn more about joining a one-on-one Bible discussion, or just grabbing coffee and chatting about spirituality/faith topics.