Exploratory Bible studies are places to be known, loved, and transformed by Jesus--together.

There's something powerful about micro-communities. When Jesus gathered a small group of people (his twelve disciples, or followers), he stuck with them through bickering and in-fighting, failures of understanding and failures of love, broken trust and tragedy. Sounds a bit like the shallow "communities" we've often seen--or left--in the past, doesn't it? And yet something strange happened: in the power of His forgiveness, death, and resurrection, they began to love others like He did, heal others like He did, demand justice and yet exercise mercy like He did. His power in them changed the world beyond their tiny group--forever.

We believe that small communities encountering Jesus together at Brown can experience the same thing.

Exploratory Bible studies are spiritually diverse gatherings of 5-15 students who are growing in authentic friendship and meeting God in Scripture together. At the center is peer-facilitated discussion. This means thoughtful observation of the text, good question-asking, vibrant discussion, and concrete action. These groups are also spaces to share life together--they are as pro-authenticity as they are pro-curiosity. We love the life of the mind as well as the life of the heart. We can't wait to welcome you!

You can join at any time, but we'd love to have you at our first meeting this fall. Follow us on Facebook so we can keep you updated!


keeney // Fridays, 6pm // contact Dylan

Sophomores and juniors

78 Benevolent St // Wednesdays @ 7:30pm // contact Emily


GCB // contact Berit


1pm Fridays @ the RISD Museum