All-fellowship gatherings are the "front door" of BCF. They are a space where we hope you'll meet some new faces, engage with people who are different from you, and come to know and experience God together through teaching, discussion, worship, and outreach.

This year we are on a biweekly rhythm of being filled up, then sent out.

On "fill up" weeks, there's usually a short time of worship--music and praise is one of several ways Christians throughout the ages have met with God, spoken with Him, and invited Him into their lives. Join as much or little as you wish--if you're not familiar with Christian worship it's totally fine to simply observe. You can expect hospitality--hot drinks, snacks, and time to greet old and new friends. We invite a series of excellent speakers to give a Scripture-based talk on a topic related to the Christian faith, and then facilitate time to respond through discussion together.

On "sent-out" weeks, we host a fun event or activity that engages our spirits, our creativity, and our campus. Whether it's delivering toasted sandwiches to spiritually curious folks during our Text-a-Toastie event or prayer-walking around campus, these weeks are about getting out of the room and living out the way of Jesus together.

All-Fellowship Gatherings: check Facebook for time/location of this week's gathering!